Merchant of Venice: Shylock as Victim

Shylock and Antonio are already enemies, but Shylock agrees to lend 3000 ducats on Antonios bond. He then continues to speak intensely of Jews and Christians common humanity. When the play gets to the court scene, you

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Women in An Inspector Calls

Priestly unfairly caricatures capitalism while portraying socialism too favourably. This theory achieved global prominence in 1917 when a small group of communists seized power in Petrograd, the capital of what was then the Russian Empire. Capitalist countries now

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The Patriarchal Society of Sylvia Plaths The Bell Jar

Debate has raged ever since over who was to blame for Plath's early death, the feminist movement adopting her as an icon and interpreting Hughes' role as her literary executor, particularly his destruction of her final journal, as

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The Minnesota Connection

the Minnesota Connection

Chinese families struggled with the direct impacts of the war and the Japanese occupation in Shanghai. She had interest in the Betar group, a Zionist Organization, which had a very active militant youth organization. While they were only classmates for two years, their friendship sustained the test of time.

After some time, the family was able to move to a small room on Tongshan Road. The two were married in 1942 in a small ceremony, followed by a humble Chinese meal at home with family. Her father was at work, so her mother walked to the hospital and labored to the sound of American planes in the sky and bombs falling on Shanghai. But Twin Cities native Ali Selim, a key writer and director for the 10-part Hulu series that begins streaming Wednesday, dedicated his work to the memory of his Egyptian-born father. He vividly recalls a harsh encounter with a Japanese soldier when he biked over the Huangpu River to buy fishing lines in the Japanese section. Helen began a life that would experience different cultures, language barriers, rampant tropical diseases, and unsanitary conditions. Photo credit David Sherman. After selling their business in 1991, Helen and her husband traveled extensively around the world for three years. Army and during that time he entertained the troops with his guitar and song as part of the folk duo Ken and Manny.

Doug Lew's story shares one perspective of the Chinese experience in Shanghais international concessions. Even as a child, Manny remembers recognizing how many of the Chinese people in their community were suffering from extreme poverty, illness, and starvation. His insight into Islam and being Arab-American in the United States was great for the actors. After the war, through the efforts of the Jewish Agency and hias, Helen's family was resettled to Minneapolis. As Doug biked over the bridge he did not see any soldiers on duty so he did not stop. 11 attacks in 2001, seems an unlikely vehicle for a love letter. Money was hard to come by and Helen vividly remembers being called to the principal's office on several occasions when her mother had difficulty making her tuition payments. Maybe thats not the right way to say.